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Dr Jeff Dreon. Naturopathic medicine. Alternative medicine. Naturopathicnyc. New York City. Naturopath




"Health and Vitality can be restored through natural means and time-tested techniques that are safe, natural, and effective. The human body has a remarkable capability to heal and flourish if the right elements are present, and that is what Naturopathic Doctor Jeffrey Dreon strives to provide through his services and recommendations for a healthier, stronger, and more effective you." Naturopathic Doctor in New York

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 

Tuina, Cranial Sacral, Myofascial Release, Sports Stretching, Range of Motion Accuracy

This Doctor Makes House Calls

The optimum health you want in the comfort of your home, Dr. Jeff makes house calls, providing a unique one-on-one experience with no waiting in an office for an hour. Simply book an appointment with Dr. Jeff. He will text, call or email you to confirm the date and time you have selected. It's that simple! The future of Health Care has arrived in New York.

This has been misdiagnosed by many health professionals. It is pain not in the joint but usually in the muscle and creates pain in the tissue. Fibromyalgia literally is sluggish toxic lymph. Fatigue is usually part of Fibromyalgia, indicating a possible adrenal gland fatigue. 
Based on my diagnosis, I will provide a custom plan of wellness for you.

I use a natural approach to Pain Management called Tuina, an Asian method of Physical Wellness Therapy.

Cranial Sacral Therapy
Myofascial Release
Sports Stretching
Range of motion accuracy

Graston Method

Laser Therapy

Ultra Sound

Manual Therapy

Percussion Therapy



Dr. Jeff Dreon

1036 Utopia Pkwy

Flushing, NY 11357

Office: 718-225-4171

Cell: 516-492-4523

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